As-Built Plans/Process

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As-Built (or 'Existing') Plans are plans that show the current state of an existing building or home, in other words a structure that is 'existing' or shown as-is. We offer the following service:

Building, taking careful notes (inventory) of all items required. Some of these items usually/may include toilets, cabinets, doors, Notes of all heights of items, such as ceiling heights, steps up or down to grade, walkways, driveways & patios, etc. If requested, we may also document any ‘Life-Safety’ equipment such as fire extinguishers, alarm systems, etc. or even furniture layouts.

  • Second, if needed or requested, we photograph the entire interior & exterior (all items) of the existing building, including everyroom, wall, feature etc. so that all items have been 100% documented.
  • Third, we then take all of this information obtained (all notes as described above & photographs taken) and use this informationto carefully draft in CAD (computer aided drafting) the ‘As-Built’ or Existing Floor Plans(s). After the plan has been drawn, we make sure to show all existing Room Names, Room ceiling heights, Plumbing items, Roof-line overhangs, and what-ever else that may be pertinent to be labeled or shown.
  • Depending on the size of the existing building, most As-Builts are usually a quick & easy part of the overall Architectural Design process, even using older historic or complicated buildings.
  • We have been performing the As-Built process successfully for over 24 years

Sample of Commercial Building 'As-Built' / Existing Plan:

(Partial) Office 'As-Built' Plan. not to scale.

In Bubble:

Example of documenting existing wall construction. Photo shows research down to determine this walls construction.


Sample of a Residential (1949 Home) 'As-Built / Existing Plan:


Existing Fireplace in Living Room

  • Let’s say a Contractor or HomeOwner wants to renovate and existing building or house. Many times hecannot move forward with a renovation without having an ‘As-Built’ or Existing Floor Plan that he can review so-as to properly design his renovation ideas. It’s easy to stand in front of a wall and plan how to renovate, but when you see an entire building or house on one floor plan, it makes his job much easier, and can often prevent un-foreseen problems.
  • If a Renovation is planned for this existing building, often professional Architectural Design Drawingsare required by the municipality where construction work is to be done, in order to obtain a permit. If the Contractor is already using a Designer, Architectural Designer, or Engineer, they usually need this ‘As-Built’ Plan in order to create a proper set of drawings for these purposes, as well as making the Contractor’s job much easier, as then he/she has a set of Plans (guidelines) to follow.
  • Sometimes an Owner of a building or house simply wants a correct Floor Plan of his/her building as it stands now, for historical reasons.
  • Sometimes for legal reasons, an Attorney or his Client may need Existing Plans to assist in proving theircase. In this case, we create presentation drawings including photographs are mounted to large boards so that the jury may clearly see what the lawyer cares to portray.